National Audit Project


Audit to quantify the VOlume of disease on axillary ultrasound in the axIlla, by assessing the cortical thickness and number of abnormal noDes, to support surgical management of the axilla.

This is a prospective audit that will be taking place in the UK. The audit is sponsored by the British Society of Breast Radiologists (BSBR) and endorsed by the Association of Breast Surgeons (ABS). We are asking units to nominate a lead for the audit and data collection. Units are asked to collect 25 consecutive cases where the axilla has been needled in the context of a biopsy proven breast cancer.

We are collecting all cases where the axilla was biopsied and the outcome was either benign or malignant. Women having neoadjuvant chemotherapy or endocrine therapy will be included. Screening and symptomatic cases are to be included.

The aim of this prospective audit is to standardise imaging of the axilla and create a national cortical thickness threshold of when the axilla should be considered abnormal and require image-guided biopsy.

In order to participate in the audit, you need to:

  1. Inform you local audit department that you are taking part in this audit and provide a letter/email of support
  2. You need to register for access to the Redcap database. Once you have approval from the audit department, email and let me know the named individual for the data collection and data input, alongside email address and the hospital taking part. I will then complete the access form and the REDCAP database team will get in touch with the named audit lead directly.

Dr Nisha Sharma

On behalf of the Avoid steering committee.


Please click here to see the AVOID audit protocol.