8-11 July 2018

International Workshop on Breast Imaging (IWBI)

Join us for this exciting meeting on the latest research & clinical experience with novel breast imaging technologies

IWBI 2018 Atlanta, Georgia

Formerly the International Workshop on Digital Mammography (IWDM).

IWBI 2018 is the 14th International Workshop on Breast Imaging and will highlight the latest technological developments and clinical experiences using novel breast imaging technologies such as digital mammography, tomosynthesis, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, optical and molecular imaging. Additional topics include multimodality imaging, image processing and visualization, image/texture/feature analysis, and computer aided detection/diagnosis (CAD). IWBI brings together a diverse group of researchers, clinicians and industry representatives who are jointly committed to developing technology for early detection and subsequent patient management of breast cancer.

Our Keynote Speakers Are:

Matthew Hanna, MD Dept Pathology University of Pittsburgh “Interface Between Radiology & Pathology, Big Data & Key Issues with Respect to Breast Cancer”

Mimi Newell, MD Dept Radiology Emory University “Current Controversies in Breast Screening”

Preeti Subhedar, MD Dept Surgery Emory University “Localization techniques for breast conserving therapy”


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